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Skriptease Script Consulting Services

Skriptease Script Consulting accepts for a nominal fee the submission of original screenplays for review and consideration for representation by Vinca Jarrett in her capacity as legal counsel and packager, providing its services to ensure that scripts with which it affiliates are of the highest caliber. When a script is presented and is determined to be commercially viable, Skriptease may then recommend representation of the script by the Firm in its capacity as packager for spec sale to producers.

Skriptease was founded in 1992 by Jarrett in response to numerous Boston-area writers at the Harvard Square Scriptwriters program seeking her out to assist one on one with getting scripts into shape for sale and production. Since then, Jarrett has assisted writers all over the world, including Canada, Europe, and around the United States from coast to coast. Focused on individual attention to getting the scriptwriter focused on story structure and character, as well as the commercial realities of the business, Skriptease can help writers at all levels realize the greatest potential of the finished screenplay.

Fees are as follows:

Skriptease provides to both WGA members and non-WGA members of previously un-optioned or sold material:

  • Preliminary Review of Script for $100 to evaluate value for sale or production (this fee is waved for all currently active WGA members and director/producers who have engaged the Firm as production counsel). This fee applies each and every time you submit a script to us for consideration of representation, including rewrites.

  • Coverage of a script for $200, which provides a basic analysis of a script and instructs writer generally on where rewrites need to be focused at the early stages of development.

  • Thorough script evaluation for $550, which provides a complete page by page evaluation and written evaluation of the script to assist the writer in making substantial modifications to a script. This service is frequently used by directors and producers who have not written a script before or are working with a screenwriter for the first time; and by new screenwriters (who have never sold a script before).

  • One-on-One development and assistance with rewriting for films in pre-production and written on spec. Price varies.

  • Workshops throughout the year assisting writers with works in development get their scripts to submission and/or production quality. WGA members who have sold or optioned at least three (3) screenplays (feature or television) may submit initial scripts for coverage for free upon disclosure of actual screenplay titles, option and/or sales fees, and WGA registration numbers, as well as evidence of WGA membership. Additionally, clients who have retained Vinca Jarrett or the Firm for its legal services may be entitled to discounted coverage of scripts in production during the term of the retainer if the script relates to the legal work being conducted by the firm.

  • The fees listed herein are subject to change based on Skriptease current prices.


    Skriptease hosts workshops for screenwriters at varying levels. Focusing on making scripts commercial for both spec sales and production, including attention to subject matter, story, characters and costs (of script in production), the workshops have helped writers gear their stories to the finish line. Writers that have participated in the workshops have gone on to win awards in screenwriting and sell scripts. Workshops are limited to 10 people in order that the group remain focused. Each writer will have an opportunity to present their script twice throughout the term of the workshop. Workshops run for 8 sessions over a 10-12 week period, allowing time for rewrites by writers.

    FALL 2005

    Skriptease Script Consulting will begin fall screenwriting workshops Monday, September 15 at 6:00 p.m. The fall workshop will be for beginning and intermediate levels only.

  • Beginning - Never Completed a script.
  • Intermediate - Have written at least 2 scripts or optioned/sold at least 1 script.
  • Advanced - Have optioned or sold more than 2 scripts.

         Cost: $595 for 8 weeks - Each Section Limited to 10 writers.

    For more information and schedule, call or e-mail at:

    (617) 277-6772
    (617) 821-6772

    Skriptease Script Consulting
    304 Newbury Street #463
    Boston, MA 02115
    (617) 277-6772 (direct line)
    (617) 821-6772 (cell)
    (310) 924-9623 (LA)
    (310) 356-6004 (e-fax)
    (617) 277-3227 (fax)

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