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Packaging Services


In addition to legal services, the firm provides packaging of various projects in an agency and producing capacity, permitting us to introduce you to third parties who may be able to finance, distribute, and contribute to your film and/or music project, as well as provide you future financing and/or opportunities on additional projects. In this capacity, which may include introducing you to third party financiers, buyers, licensees, distributors, producers, managers and agents, we are in effect acting as your "Packager." We can also represent writer's works for sale of scripts on spec to studios and production companies, and to find an agent and/or manager. Further, to the extent we may introduce you to directors, writers, composers, and other technical elements and talent, we are in effect acting as a "Producer".

When a transaction is completed that results in either your receiving financing, or selling or licensing a script or distribution rights to a film or music project, or for any future completed videos, films, treatments, teleplays, screenplays or any projects in the works as a result of our efforts as your Packager, we receive, for acting as your Packager, a commission based upon the value of the transaction, determined by using generally accepted accounting principles (as that term is commonly applied in the entertainment industry). Wherein you only utilize our contacts for work on your project, then for such introduction for any contacts subsequently utilized in your productions, we receive a fee as producer of the total budget of the project with a deposit to be delivered upon financing of the project.

To the extent that we are also acting as counsel to you on a project, our packaging fees may be reduced. There are no guarantees in packaging products, and the firm reserves the right to decide which projects it shall accept on behalf of clients as Packager and/or Producer. You may request these services at any time. Please note, the Firm does not customarily provide packaging to clients who have not retained the Firm as counsel on the project.

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