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Useful Links

Legal & General Web Sites

General Film & Television Industry
Film Industry Sites--Research
Film Industry Sites--International Film Festivals
Film Industry Sites--New England Film Festivals
Screenwriters & Writers

Music Industry Sites

Art & Photography Sites

Client Web Sites

Environmental Web Sitep

Legal & General Web Sites

Thomas--The most comprehensive legislative site including text, history, committee reports, roll call votes, public law numbers and other congressional website links.

Edgar--SEC filings (search for corporate SEC filings)

U.S. Library of Congress' Copyright Office (forms and guidance)

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Copyright Website (facts about copyright)

Patents and Trademarks/ Dept. of Commerce Web Site for Patents & Trademark Searches and Registration

Cornell Law Trademark site (excellent resource for trademarks and servicemarks)

US Immigration & Naturalization (INS forms and general information)

Digital Commerce Center (includes tips for business start ups and those seeking venture capital)

New York Times

Boston Globe

ICANN--The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Domain Site registration and information)

The Virtual Internet domain search engine

IRS site (provides forms and publication for downloading)

State Law locator

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General Film & Television Industry

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Oscar Site)

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy Site)

Screen Actors Guild

American Federation of Television & Radio Artists

Directors Guild of America

Berne Convention for the protection of literary & artistic works (text of law)

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Film Industry Sites--Research

Internet Movie Data Base (best research tool in the biz)

Imagine News (New England's largest source of film industry news)

Motion Picture Association of America (ratings, rules & regs of the industry)

American Film Institute

The Digital Media Association (DIMA--for webcasting and other digital film and television information)

Film Threat .com Film site

Film Finders

New England Film .com

Variety (providing entertainment industry-wide coverage)

Hollywood Reporter (up to date info on Hollywood deals and news)

Hollywood Film Network (has information about selling screenplays, film festivals, industry contacts)

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Film Industry Sites--International Film Festivals






Slamdance Film festival site in Park City, UT during January

Worldwide listing of film festivals

New York Film Market

Telluride Film Festival

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Film Industry Sites--New England Film Festivals

Boston Film Festival



Boston Underground Film Festival







Sundeis Film Festival

Documentary Festival

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Screenwriters & Writers

Writers Guild of America (register your scripts, treatments and novels)

National Writers Union

Copyright Clearance Center (obtain licenses for copyrighted materials)

Association of American Publishers

When a work passes into the public domain (useful chart)

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Music Industry Sites

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Grammy Awards Site)

Licensing & Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP)

American Federation of Musicians

Recording Industry Association of America (great overall info site for recording artists on licensing, copyrights, recording)

BMI (full array of services from showcases to training for songwriters)

ASCAP (also a registry for music competing with BMI)

SESAC (also competing with BMI & ASCAP)

Harry Fox Agency (musical copyright clearance house)

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Art & Photography Sites

World Wide Arts Resource--Substantial resource for new and renown artists

Lists Art Galleries and resources

Art Museum Network lists museums and shows all over the world.

Art Line--Where collectors, historians & curators interact with artists & dealers

Art Dealers--An Association for art galleries, listing members around the world

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers -- Professional association for galleries specializing in photography

Art Support provides advice to photographers on how to exhibit their work and sell it.

Alliance of Artists Communities provides resources for artists colonies and workspace

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Client Web Sites

Susan Johnston - actress/ producer

Razberie Productions

Felix Brown - band

Cityscape Motion Pictures

Jay Craven - producer

Starlight Runner Entertainment- production studio

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Environmental Web Sites

Federal Environmental Protection Agency Site

Dept. of Commerce: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Environmental_Management/ Dept. of Commerce: Environmental Management (legislation, conservation & publications)

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (laws, rules, decisions)

Massachusetts Dept of Fisheries, Wildlife & Environmental Law Enforcement

Massachusetts Department of environmental Management

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