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Vinca Recommends

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Client Representation at Film Festivals

Completed Films Projects   

In Development/ Pre-Production Film Projects

Client Representation at Film Festivals

    • American Film Market (2001-Present)
    • Berlinale International Film Festival (2002-Present)
    • Boston Film Festival (1988-Present)
    • Cannes International Film Festival (2000 – Present)
    • Durango Film Festival
    • Edinburgh International Film Festival (2003-Present)
    • The Hamptons International Film Festival
    • MoMA Director’s Circle (1998-Present)
    • Newport International Film Festival (2002-Present)
    • NY Film Market (2002-Present)
    • Provincetown International Film Festival (2000-Present)
    • Sundance Film Festival (1989-Present)
    • Telluride Film Festival
    • Tribeca Film Festival (2004-Present)
    • Toronto International Film Festival (2000-Present)
    • Woods Hole Film Festival (2000-Present)


    Completed and In Distribution or In Festival Circuit – Production and/or Distribution Counsel

    • “Baby Luv”
    • “David and David”
    • “Disappearances” – a Jay Craven film
    • “Everyone’s Got One”
    • “Mission to Matrimony”
    • "The Rising Place"
    • “Serial Intentions”
    • “Strangler’s Wife”
    • “Touching the Game”
    • “The Wedding Cow”
    • “Within” A.K.A “The Cavern”


    In Development/ Pre-Production

      • “Agenda One”
      • “The Bagel King”
      • “The Black Belt Club”
      • “Gashouse Gang”
      • “Laura and Sal”
      • “Mob Yoga”
      • “Red Weather”
      • “Roslyn”
      • “Swinging Lanterns”
      • “Sugarfoot”
      • “Ten Little Astronauts”
      • “Townies”
      • “Tracker”