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Fee Arrangements

Vinca Jarrett will work with you to keep the cost of handling your matter to a minimum consistent with your objectives and the demands of your particular case. We are committed to working with you to design a strategy that achieves maximum results with the least expenditure of time.

Clients may pay by check via mail, wire transfer, or credit card through Moneybookers. For payments through Moneybookers, use this banner and send it to attorney@vincajarrett.com.

Our fee arrangements include:
  • Hourly fees - regular rates, structured rates and custom rates to meet your particular needs.

  • Discounted Flat Fees for independant film and music projects based on the overall budget.

  • Part hourly/part success or deferred fees for smaller projects.

  • Flat Fee Fixed Fees, on a project by project basis.

  • Retainer arrangements for larger long-term projects.

  • Discounted hourly to new clients for the first hours consultation.

  • Second opinions on how your case is being handled can be rendered on favorable terms, in some cases at no charge.

  • Fees for Litigation:
    • Cooperation with corporate legal department policies.
    • Third party sources for payment of fees, such as insurance paid defense and enforcing provisions to make your opponent pay your fees.
While the Firm successfully represents a large variety of clients, the successful outcome of any given project or case, which is always dependent upon its own specific facts, can never be guaranteed. In matters in which some or all of the attorney fees are negotiated on a contingency basis, the client may be held responsible for certain advanced costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, litigation expenses such as transcript fees, witness fees, filing fees, etc. and any out-of-pocket (non-hourly expenses) when no recovery is obtained on behalf of the client.

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